5 tips to fix boring webinars

tips to fix boring webinars

It’s one of the major challenges that most of the professionals face while hosting a webinar. You could have created useful webinar content and hired an expert speaker to deliver it. However, there is a high chance that your audience might feel bored and go on to check their emails, attend a phone call, and even walk away from their computer. Eventually, this will not help you to reach your conversion goals after the webinar. Thus, you must make your audience don’t get distracted and pay attention throughout the webinar.

To get you started, here are 5 tips to help you fix boring webinars in the future.


This is one of the most important things to keep in mind when hosting webinars. According to sources, people easily get distracted due to text-heavy slides during the presentation. Therefore, it’s better if you add some of the text visuals to keep the audience engaged during the webinar. Also, visuals easily get registered in the mind of the audience. You can add photos, charts, graphs, and videos.

Find what your audience is looking for

While preparing a webinar content, you can ask your potential audience about their pain points and things they want to know. Eventually, this helps you to prepare for the big day with the topics and content that holds the interest of your audience. You can create a poll or survey in your social media pages to find what your audience is looking for. Besides, this is one of the best ways to promote your webinar.

Don’t drag it too long

People will get bored if you keep on talking about the same topic for a long time. To keep your audience engaged, you can prepare a collection of useful topics that are short and crisp. As said earlier, don’t forget to add visual texts between the presentation. Also, you get more time to interact with your audience and address their pain points. 

Respond to questions quickly

When it comes to webinars, people will have questions to ask. Instead of postponing the Q&A session until the end, you can let them ask them questions to you while you’re talking and answer them instantly. You can create a private chat room where you can see the questions that come in and respond. If you find interesting questions, you can talk about it during the webinar and even mention the name of the person to thank him/her.

Use Simple Language

Though you have strong communication skills, it’s always good to use a simple language that is understandable by a layman. If people find it difficult to recognize some of the words, they might leave even before the webinar gets over. You can avoid words that are too technical, as well. 

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