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Virtual whiteboard

Advantages of using virtual whiteboards in the classroom

When it comes to teaching, educators have to make sure that they keep their students engaged and pay attention to the class. That’s the reason why using […]

webinar software

How to increase sales with webinars?

A webinar is a must-have marketing tool for any business to connect with a wider audience, increase sales and build brand awareness. However, it requires the right […]

Evergreen webinar

The ultimate guide to evergreen webinar

Want to generate sales for your business even while you sleep? The evergreen webinar is the best way to do so. Instead of creating multiple webinars, you […]

Webinar recorder

Here’s why you should record your webinar presentation

Creating a webinar is one of the best ways to grow your business in this digital age. However, it requires a lot of effort and time to […]

Webinar software checklist

Checklist: Selecting the Webinar Software

With the rise of video content over the past decade, webinars have become the vital marketing essentials for most of the businesses. From generating quality leads to […]

tips to fix boring webinars

5 tips to fix boring webinars

It’s one of the major challenges that most of the professionals face while hosting a webinar. You could have created useful webinar content and hired an expert […]

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