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Webinar email invite

How to create an effective email invitation for a webinar

When you plan to host a webinar, you must promote your webinar in the best way possible to achieve your registration goals. A catchy invitation email must […]

How to live stream

How to live stream – Step by Step Guide

As we are moving towards the ever-growing trend of live stream events, it’s important to adapt to this technology to offer a worthy digital experience for the remote […]

online yoga class

A guide to teaching yoga online

In recent times, online yoga classes have been gaining more popularity and the demand for them is likely to continue for a long time. As teaching yoga […]

webinar scheduling

Webinar scheduling ideas – Best day, time & more!

There’s a right time for everything. Likewise, there are some rules when it comes to hosting a webinar. You must pick the best day and time that […]

webinar software

How to earn money with webinars?

If you’re a first-timer or you’ve got only a little experience hosting a webinar, it’s ideal for you to spend some time learning how to monetize it. […]

Virtual whiteboard

Advantages of using virtual whiteboards in the classroom

When it comes to teaching, educators have to make sure that they keep their students engaged and pay attention to the class. That’s the reason why using […]

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