Evergreen webinars

Generate leads with a hands-off business approach by creating evergreen webinars using Joinlive. Schedule your pre-recorded webinar and create an automated sales funnel. That's it - your evergreen webinar is all set to run on auto-pilot and drive sales even when you’re on a vacation.
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Easy to Schedule

Scheduling your evergreen webinar is super easy with Joinlive. You can either select a particular date and time or make it as recurring events with different time zones that work best for your target audience.

Custom call-to-actions

Whether it's lead generation, survey, or polling, you can add customizable call-to-action on your evergreen webinars to make it look and feel live for your audience.

Embed evergreen webinar

Don’t miss an opportunity to show your evergreen content to your website or blog visitors to turn them into customers. Our webinar platform allows you to embed your evergreen webinar on your web page.

Joinlive make online teaching easy and engaging

Audience engagement

Hosting evergreen webinars doesn’t mean that you can’t engage your audience as you do in live webinars. Joinlive provides you a wide range of features to make your evergreen webinar more engaging.

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