Browser-based webinars

For the first time, you can actually rely on a webinar software that works 100% in your browser without any restriction for your attendees. They can attend your webinars on mobile or desktop with their favorite browser.

Stream live to social media

Experience the power of real-time communication by streaming to YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, or Vimeo simultaneously.

Webinar breakout rooms

Run quick breakout room sessions and check out the effectiveness of your lectures and support the acquiring of knowledge. Split participants into groups, let them solve problems, answer questions, lead discussions or simply take a break from main event.
Live chat during webinars

Solve problems, lead discussions, and answer your audience’s questions. Provide your customers with the information they need to speed up their purchasing decisions.

Polls & Surveys

Collect information from your webinar participants, research their reactions and analyze their feedback and insights to make better business decisions.


Express your ideas in a more accessible way. Draw on documents and videos. Give participants the power to join in and draw as well. The whiteboard feature can help you engage students and interact with your audience.

Automated replays

Deliver your audience a truly live experience and make your pre-recorded webinars as interactive and engaging as real-time events.

Multiple presenters

Invite presenters to lead your meeting and support you during your webinars. Share your account with the presenters while keeping everything under control with the Webinar Presenters feature.

Automated email reminders

JoinLive allows you to schedule a series of reminder notifications via email, so your registrants never miss your events.

Record your Webinar

Extend your reach by offering your recordings as on-demand webinars. In this way you can generate leads long after your online event is over. Recording storage also generates a link to direct sharing.

Reports & Analytics

JoinLive collects data from your events, sessions, and phone bridge meetings. On your dashboard, you can generate reports for each of these categories.

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