How to make your presentation more interactive

Event engagement

A great way to keep your audience engaged is to get them involved. You can ask questions that they aren’t expecting, or let them answer a poll question you had prepared for them. These ways, you can make your audience understand what you are communicating and create an experience worth attending to.

Here’re some best ideas to make your presentation more interactive for your audience;

Break the ice

Before starting your presentation, you must begin your presentation with an ice-breaker activity to reset the minds of your audience. The activity will have them engaged and excited to hear more about what you are going to speak. You can come with a set of questions to warm up the audience or plan some simple gaming activities for them to make them feel relaxed and focus.

Get people onstage

This is yet another best way to make your presentation engaging. Instead of speaking yourself and you can call any of your audience members to come on to the stage to share their stories or have some fun discussions. However, you have to plan this out early with your event team to make sure that it works best for you. Apart from it, you can also share your stage with a few more presenters to make your conference or webinar more interesting.

Include videos

Your audience will feel bored if you just speak for hours without any visual elements to your presentations. Adding a video is certainly a great way to deliver an engaging presentation for your audience. You can share some success stories on your video to inspire your audience or share some reviews by some of your product users to impress them. If you want to generate leads from your event, then adding a video to your presentation is very vital to get conversions.

Get questions answered

During the presentation, you can conduct a Q&A session to let your audience ask questions about the content that you’re sharing with them. You can appreciate the best questions and answer them by mentioning the name of the audience who raised that particular question. Apart from it, you can create polls using a mobile event app to make your audience participate from their mobile phones on the go. This way, you can get suggestions or feedback from your audience instantly.  

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