Advantages of using virtual whiteboards in the classroom

Virtual whiteboard

When it comes to teaching, educators have to make sure that they keep their students engaged and pay attention to the class. That’s the reason why using an interactive whiteboard during a training session is extremely beneficial. This write-up below explores some of the advantages of using virtual whiteboards in the classroom.

What is a virtual whiteboard?

A virtual whiteboard is an interactive tool that allows educators or trainers to use shapes, write and draw. This way, they can create a great classroom experience for their students.

Real-time learning experience in virtual classroom

This is one of the great advantages of using a virtual whiteboard. While hosting a virtual classroom, there is a high chance that your students will get distracted easily. For example, they might switch to their Twitter page or read some news if they feel bored during your live session. With an interactive whiteboard, you can ensure that your students are engaged and understand things easily.

Convenient & flexible learning

When you’re teaching using a virtual whiteboard, your students can record it and re-play it later during a revision to understand some important points with ease. On the other hand, educators can also share the recorded whiteboard session with students who weren’t able to attend the class.


With the help of an interactive whiteboard, you can share some great presentations and collaborate with students in a creative way. It allows you to use arrows, shapes, and drawing tools to enrich your live sessions and make them interesting for your students. Besides, you can allow your students to write and draw on the whiteboard to enhance engagement.

Saves cost and time

With virtual whiteboards, educational institutions or schools can save a lot of cost on stationery such as markers, erasers, chalks and even painting the blackboard. Also, it helps the teachers easily educate students with less effort and time.

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